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90% of businesses started by the corporate or diaspora fail!

Welcome to your Project Oversight partners. Our solutions provide you more time.

About Us

SpringRise is a project supervision firm that leverages the benefits of the gig economy to enable busy people successfully initiate or run their side businesses. Are you in the diaspora, in office or part of an investment club? We make sure your side gig is a success. HOW?

Busy in Office

Investment Club

In Diaspora


Our wide network of SpringTrackersTM are just nearby your project! This implies that we save you the trip to your farm or construction project now and again. Receive the feedback on your mobile handset in record time. We work on Farms, Construction Sites, Businesses and Real estate. We are professional, independent and NEAR.

Our Promise “Be in 2 places at the same time!”

  • 20% improvement in Operations.
  • 90% more Visibility.
  • 30% improvement in Accountability. 
  • Save: 70% in Time & 60% in Fuel/ Money!


UGX 30K per Task
  • GET;
  • Deliveries, Photo Evidence, GPS Evidence and Frequent Updates.


UGX 25K Per Task
  • GET; All in ONE TIME, Weekly Visits, Professional Visits and Discounts.


UGX 50K Per Task
  • GET; All in RECURRING, Monthly Visits, Professional Reports & Actual Work.

Enlazar Joint Farming Launch, Come have Fun, Learn and Farm!

Enlazar Farming

“No Land, No Weekly Trips to the Farm, Convenient and Affordable”

We know you want to farm but you are too busy to oversee your farm. Maybe you have no land to farm on? Probably you have the land but not enough money to farm commercially! Well no worries, we make it possible for even a secondary school student to farm. We have farming options for every level of income you can think of and the returns are great! 10% to 24% profit yet all our activities a re insured! So no worries of loss.

Piggery Joint Farming

  • Own 1 to 50 pigs on our well managed & insured farms.
  • Pay 60,000/= ($15) per month per animal.
  • Get a 10%-18% PROFIT, in 8 months farming period.
  • 84% in Time (Less supervision trips).
  • 21% in Fuel/Money.
  • 85% less Risky.

2 Per Animal

30k/month 1/2 pig
  • Only for children below 18 years.
  • 10% Profit


60k/month 1 Pig
  • PAY first 2 months at once.
  • 10% Profit

Half Season

  • PAY 4 months at once for 2 pigs.
  • 13% Profit

Full Season

UGX 72K /month
  • PAY 8 months at once for 2 pigs.
  • 15% Profit

An extra 1% discount for every 10 animals farmed!

Agriculture Frontliners

Youth such as vets, agronomists, farm supervisors, truck and bodaboda riders that can work on farms in their localities to help farmers far away to oversee operations on farms on short-term basis. Keep Farms Active! Register to save the Agriculture Sector!

Keep Farms Active! Register to save the Agriculture Sector!

Be the Friend in Need

Support a Rural farmer with inputs and Enlazar Joint Farms will buy their produce. Enjoy a 30% equivalent of the harvest as your return. 

  • 10% to 20% profit.
  • 4 months farming period.
  • Each acre sponsored as insured.
  • Flexible payment plan.

Be a Landlord at Your Farm

Having an unproductive farm? Or idle land perfect for farm? Or are you are in diaspora and cannot take care of the farm? Well, make some money renting your animal sheds to us and get a monthly rent per animal.


  • One time investment.
  • Monthly rental per animal.
  • 20% to 30% ROI.


Photos from our previous projects

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