2 things to consider before starting a piggery business

Like every other business, there are certain important factors you must consider to succeed in pig farming. These are patterns I noticed in the successes of some of the pig farmers we discussed above and will surely work for you too.

Like I mentioned in our very popular article about finding business ideas, there’s no point reinventing success when you can legally copy it! Here we go…

#1 – Start small but dream big…

Starting small and dreaming big is the motto I live by, and one of the pledges under the Smallstarter Manifesto.

Did you notice that all the successful pig farmers we looked at earlier in this article started with a small number of pigs?

Starting small allows you to expose only a small amount of your capital to the risk of failure – and yes, not all businesses will succeed. With small capital invested, it will not be the end of your world if something goes wrong.

Again, you shouldn’t ever underestimate the power of learning on a small scale. You will discover patterns, tricks, things that work and won’t work. Based on your growing experience of the business, what customers are asking for, and your small successes and failures, you can gradually increase the size of your pig farm.

Anything between three to five breeders is great for starters. Don’t worry, all of the details are covered in the manuals at the end of this article.

It’s also important that you never lose sight of your big dreams.

Nobody would have ever believed that Anna Phosa, the South African celebrity farmer, could rise from a small-scale pig farmer to become a supplier to a major retailer under a multi-million dollar contract.

That’s the power that big dreams give you. No matter how small you start, you can become as big as your dreams. You can do it too!

#2 – Starting with the right breed is the key to success!

There are different local and exotic pig breeds, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

No matter how much capital you invest, or how good you are at pig farming, the profit potential of this business will be limited by the breed of pigs you start with.

As you will learn from the training manuals in the next section, selective breeding makes it possible to reduce the time it takes for a pig to reach market size and can increase its meat production at the same time.

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